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Cardington Airship Mast:

Cardington Mast 3Cardington Mast plan cropCardington Mast 1

Cardington in Bedfordshire, England became one of the World’s best airship facilities. Due to the economic depression of the post war years, the Airship station was closed in 1921 after the construction of the R38 and the scrapping of the R37. However the station was reopened in 1924 following the announcement of the Imperial Airship Service and the undertaking of the construction of, amongst others, the R101. For communications, a wireless station and Cardington control tower was constructed in 1928 behind the Administration block.

This huge airship mast was constructed for the civil programme in 1926. 202 feet high and 70 feet in diameter at the base, the tower was the first ever cantilever mooring mast to be built. It was demolished in 1943 to provide materials to help the war effort.
The R100 flew from this mast on her successful round trip to Canada in July and August of 1930. The R101 flew her tests flights from the mast and then cast off from here on her final voyage on October 1st the same year.
Similar masts were built in Montreal, Canada and Karachi, India

K Ship 1/700th Mobile Mast & Nose Cone

WS Mooring MastWS Mooring Mast Top







Mobile mooring mast with integral Nose Cone for depicting the K-Ship landed and ready to be towed into the hangar. Alternatively use the separate Nose Cone on the sprue to depict the K-Ship in flight.


Display Bases:  10cm and 7.75cm diameter

P1010510 cropped

Round Bases labelled

WS 10cm Base threequarter view







The  7.75cm round base is ideal for our smaller models, for example the K Ships and the ZMC-2 , and is also ok for the P-Type up to a display height of around 7.5cm. Our 10cm base is ideal for displaying our larger models .

To complete the bases you will need to fit pieces of wire to the length you require. For the ZMC-2 in the photo above we have stripped the insulation off of a piece of 1 mm² copper cable, as used in house lighting wiring. The Graf Zeppelin is mounted on a piece of 2mm diameter wire from a coat hanger.

Free models to supplement your 1/700th scale collection…..

Courtesy of Ralph Currel, a wonderful range of card models including airships, the Cardington Shed and Montreal mooring mast, all free for you to download.

Ralph has many more models in larger scales and of diverse subjects on his main site .